Tuesday, 22 August 2017

My House - Spanish Style Courtyard

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7 Common Decorating Mistakes and How to Avoid Them


Are you someone who takes their styling abilities seriously? Are you constantly inspired by home improvement and house flipping shows? If so, we have the perfect tips to help you continue working diligently towards perfecting your interior decorating skills. Here are seven common decorating mistakes and how to avoid them. Click a link below to skip ahead.

Poor Lighting

Ceiling fans are so two years ago. Opt for a beautiful chandelier or pendant instead. In addition to overhead or ambient lighting, add task lighting in different corners of the room to make sure it’s well-lit when the sun goes down. Our lighting guide will help you layer lighting like a pro. This bedroom showcases a charming combination of ambient and task lighting.

Small Rug

Rugs should extend beyond furniture in order to frame the room. If you’re totally in love with your current small rug and don’t want to let it go, consider layering it on top of a larger rug with a flat, natural weave as seen in this living room. This way, you get to keep your favorite rug and still appear on trend.

Wrong Layout

Incorrectly measuring the room can lead to an awkward layout. We suggest measuring the floor space correctly, so you know exactly what size furniture will fit. If needed, you can put down painter’s tape to map out exactly where each major piece of furniture will go. If you wish to make the space feel homier, simply move the furniture in closer to each other and away from the walls. View our living room layout guide as a kick start to your new project.

Too Much Stuff

No need for 10 pillows on the sofa (especially if they’re not fluffed) or a knickknack in every corner. Sometimes, less is more. Curate your rooms carefully to avoid unnecessary clutter. This is especially true for your living room since guests will pass through here often. Sofas don’t need more than 3-5 throw pillows, and minimal table decor can make a great statement. You could even incorporate greenery in select spots.

Picture Frame Clutter

If you find that you have an overabundance of picture frames on your tabletops, we have a solution. Consider creating a gallery wall like the one below. You’ll be able to see all of your beloved photos clearly. It is best to stick to one frame design in various sizes unless you are a pro at mixing and matching frames. Be sure to check out our guide for hanging pictures and mirrors.

Wrong Paint Color

Painting your walls is a big deal, especially if you’ve stepped out of your comfort zone and chosen a risky color. The color must complement the space beautifully. Unfortunately, not all paint will appear the same on the wall as it does on a swatch. To avoid painting the entire wall only to be unpleasantly surprised, simply paint a brush stroke and observe it at different times of day. If the brush stroke looks fine, then you are clear to proceed. If the color does not live up to your standards, then thank goodness you did not waste a ton of time and energy on painting.

ugly paint color on a bare wall

No Window Treatments

Why leave your windows bare when the rest of your home looks so attractive? Let your creativity loose and dress them up with curtains that provide style plus privacy from outsiders. If you have your eyes set on floor-length curtain panels, the bottom should hang a half inch from the floor. Have fun picking out curtain rods, rings, and decorative finials for a fashionable touch.

How have you improved your decorating mistakes? Share with us on Instagram using hashtag #myashleyhome for a chance to be featured.

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What Does Your Bed Say About You?


You can usually get a sense of someone’s personality by looking at their style. If we take a look at the home, each room reveals another layer. The living room or kitchen is the side of ourselves we readily share with the world and it’s in the bedroom where we most openly express who we truly are.

So when it comes to how you style your bed, it’s all so much more than aesthetic appeal. Look deeper and you’ll gain some insight on your personality. Curious yet? Read on.

If you have…


You enjoy the finer things in life and your bed is your castle. A pillowy castle, that is. There’s never such a thing as “too much” and when a plush pillow catches your eye, you just can’t pass it up. What can you say? You enjoy luxury. And since you’re all about ultimate comfort, you probably own a Tempur-Pedic mattress, or have been eyeing one for some time now.


white coverlet set with basketweave stitching pattern

You’re a classy minimalist who enjoys a sense of serenity in the bedroom. Nothing should be out of place for more than 10 minutes and you can’t imagine leaving home without making your bed. If you have crisp white sheets, you’re probably tidy, neat and a bit of a perfectionist…which is why The Perfect 10 mattress calls out to you.


Everything around you needs to be beautiful and up to date. Your wardrobe, your home, your work desk. This is why your friends flock to you for style advice all the time. You don’t only keep up with the trends, you have a gift for accurately forecasting what’s about to be in style…which means you were probably one of the first to jump on the majorly trending Sorinella upholstered bed.


You’re a very fun person to be around. You love to laugh and better yet, you love to make others laugh. People tend to describe you as friendly, charming or charismatic. There’s definitely a youthful energy to your kind-hearted persona, which is why you enjoy surrounding yourself with girly prints, patterns and textures.

Upholstered queen gray headboard for contemporary bedroom set


Forget neutrals—you’re all about pops of color. You need something vibrant to express your lively personality and adventurous perspective on life. You don’t care about making mistakes along the way because you know it’s how you learn and grow. While some people stay away from experimenting with loud colors or trying new things, you say, “Bring it on.”


Whether it’s a couple of stylish bedside lamps or strung up twinkle lights, you really appreciate a soft glow. There’s just something so dreamy about warm lighting. You’re probably a hopeless romantic and big on daydreaming. Sometimes you can be a little sensitive and it’s because your emotions run deep. Your friends probably describe you as sweet and very, very loyal.


Whatever you do, you do it big. Small DIY projects can often turn into intricate ordeals and casual get-togethers can turn into parties of Great Gatsby proportions. You’re known to be a little extravagant. The spotlight just seems to follow you and you relish your moments in it. But, you would never try to steal someone else’s thunder. You love to uplift others and can be incredibly motivational.


Okay, so maybe you don’t have the most pulled together look. You’re so busy experiencing life and living on a whim that there’s no time to curate a perfectly pieced collection. There are other priorities that reign high in your life and that’s an awesome thing. On the flip side—if you’re young and just have no idea where to start on this new venture, try giving these adulting decorating tips a read.

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Friday, 18 August 2017

Transition Your Home from Summer to Fall


Ready or not…fall will be here before you know it. Time to turn over a new leaf with a summer-into-fall home makeover. With a few simple tweaks and a couple of tasteful touches, you can embrace the beauty of the season in style—without spending hardly anything at all.

Greet the Season with a Festive Fall Wreath

Nothing says season’s greetings like a fall wreath for the front door. And what an invitation to get creative. Pinterest is loaded with DIY fall wreath ideas, from faux foliage to the real thing.

Square fall wreath on the front of a red door.

Decorative fall candle made from a mini pumpkin

Cooler temps and shorter days are drawing us back to the nest. It’s only natural that soft candlelight makes the atmosphere that much cozier. Of course, if you have small children or pets, consider playing it on the safe side this season with flameless candles.

Bring the Great Outdoors In

This fall, let nature be your guide. Embrace the bounty of the season by bringing fall’s rich, robust hues and rustic elements into your home. Be it a vase of mums, a bowl of pears or apples or a sprig of twigs. Come fall, decorative inspiration is right outside your door.
fall flowers displayed in a watering can outside among other fall nature elements.

Fall table setting arrangement

dried flower and plant pot on wood table home decoration modern interior vintage house style.

Layer Cool Colors & Cozy Warmth

Talk about instant gratification. Layering on the texture and tone is such an easy, economical way to bring warmth and seasonal color into your home. Fuzzy flokati toss pillows are just the ticket come fall—as are throws...lots of them…in shades ranging from scarlet red and burnt orange, to bronze, gold, copper and jewel tones.

sunset red throw blankets with twisted fringe rested onto a neutral colored accent chair.

Fall in Love with Aromatherapy

There’s nothing like the smell of fall in the air, so here’s a scent-sational idea: fall aromatherapy. Among the easy ways to give your home aromatic magic are scented candles, oil diffusers and stovetop simmers. We love DIY scented pinecones because they smell amazing and couldn’t be easier to make.

A pine cone scent demonstrated with pin and inscents.

How to make your scented pinecones:

-Lay washed pinecones on a foil-lined baking sheet and pop them in the oven at 200F for about 30 minutes.

-Once cooled, put the pinecones in a gallon Ziploc bag and sprinkle with your favorite fall-fresh essential oils (such as cinnamon, apple, orange, nutmeg). Give the bag a good shake.

-Set the bag with pinecones aside for one to two weeks to allow the scent to set.
It’s as easy as that!

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Thursday, 17 August 2017

10 Dining Room Decorating Ideas to Create Your Style


Picture this: you’re looking for dining room ideas, so you head to the Internet. Easy, right? Well…maybe not. Searching for dining room decorating ideas can result in information overload. Sometimes having too many options can be a bad thing – especially when it comes to making a cohesive style statement.

10 Ideas to Spice Up Your Dining Room Design

With so many design options out there it can be hard to find your signature style. The solution? Come up with a plan and stick with it. Here are 10 dining room decorating ideas to help you design the room of your dreams.

Mix Light and Dark Design Elements

Add interest and drama to your dining room with contrasting colors. Mixing dark elements with lighter counterparts can be show stopping. A mixture of wood tones in furniture provides a striking contrast. You may also wish to add contrast throughout the room – paint the walls white to offset a dark dining room table and chairs. Or choose dark walls to showcase lighter furniture.

Dining room contemporary table in brown finish in a room with light walls and black accents.

Contrast Colors and Styles

Who says dining room chairs and tables have to match? One of the hottest dining room ideas is all about mixing styles and colors. Look for seating that is similar in height in order to style an eclectic dining room that works.

Add a Dining Table Bench

And speaking of mix and match seating – feel free to eliminate a chair or two altogether. A dining table bench adds a fun, farmhouse feel. Using a bench in a formal dining room keeps things from being too serious.

Combine Styles from Different Eras

An eclectic mix of furniture and accessories from different eras can create a style that’s uniquely you. So go ahead, surround that Queen Anne table with shaker chairs. Or fill your wall with graphic 70s prints to complement your art deco dining set. The sky’s the limit. One caveat – find a unifying feature, whether it be color or scale, to ensure a harmonious blend.

Let the Light Shine

Lighting is an essential component of a well-designed room. If your room is in the dark, consider a dining room lighting update. A gorgeous chandelier, hung 30"-36” above the dining table provides ambient lighting for an overall glow. Add a dimmer and the chandelier can also serve as task lighting for homework or crafting. Strategically placed accent lights either mounted on the wall or placed on the buffet highlight special areas of the dining room. To learn more, check out our lighting guide.

gem-like spheres in open air slots inside a metal chandelier

Wallpaper Adds Pizazz

Wallpaper. It’s one of those “you love it or you hate it” design elements. Sure, it’s more expensive than paint, but wallpaper instantly adds texture, color, and drama to any room. If you’re in the pro-wallpaper camp, consider hanging paper that complements the furniture and overall theme of the room. Choose large patterns for explosive drama or subtle patterns for a softer look.


Be Creative With Paint

If you just can’t take the wallpaper plunge, you can still make a significant design statement with paint. If creative painting is your thing, consider a mural or color blocking designs to make an unforgettable visual impact. Or go old school and choose a solid color that sets a pleasing backdrop.


Rugs Tie the Room Together

Area rugs anchor your dining room. Choose the right size to fit the room and your table. Don't forget to choose a rug that shows off your personality.


Show Off Your Collection

Show some personality by displaying a collection of your favorite things. Dining rooms are a natural place to showcase favorite dishes, but other collections can work here too. Group together favorite vases, pottery, glassware and the like for a personality-infused style element.


Let Nature In

Put that green thumb to use by including live plants on your list of dining room decorating ideas. Whether you opt for a small dose of nature with tabletop succulents, or an infusion of foliage with tall figs or stalks of bamboo, houseplants add life and warmth to your dining room.

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Tuesday, 15 August 2017

Show Off Your Ashley and Win!

Show Off Your Ashley

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Sweepstakes is sponsored by Ashley Furniture Industries, Inc. Ashley Furniture Industries, Inc.
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