Monday, 11 December 2017

A Winter Solstice Bedroom

It’s the shortest day (or longest night) of the year: winter solstice. For those of us in the Northern Hemisphere, winter solstice generally falls on December 21. Also known as the official start of the season, winter solstice can make anyone want to hide under the covers.

Winter solstice themes bedroom with fluffy pillows and gray and white colors all around.

If you’re a warm weather soul who plans on spending more time in bed in the coming months, better make yourself comfortable. With that said, we invite you into our winter solstice bedroom retreat.

Like what you see? Here’s how we created it, step by step:

1. Roll with it.

Starting from the ground up, we rolled out the cozy warmth of a Moroccan trellis-pattern rug with a decadently plush shag pile. It’s sure to make rolling out of bed on a cold winter’s morn less jarring.

2. Welcome gray days.

The onset of winter puts us in a quieter mood, so we downshifted our palette with less color and more texture. We mixed muted shades of gray and soft neutrals for a restful retreat.

3. Pile on the layers.

To make our winter bed as warm and inviting as possible, we layered it on thick. We folded a comforter and laid it at the bottom half of the bed for a sumptuous look that gives our damask duvet another layer of interest. And then we propped up plenty of toss pillows, mixing size and texture. Faux fur really puts you in the mood for winter hibernation, doesn’t it? (Tip: When topping a bed with toss pillows, think odd numbers, which adds visual interest.)

4. Lighten up. 

Winter’s overcast days and long, frosty nights call for bringing in more light, which we clearly did with clear-base floor and nightstand lamps. A simply striking wall mirror reflects precious daylight throughout the room. Flameless candles are a delightful touch.

5. Add artful touches.

We decked the walls with abstract artwork reminding us of gently falling snow. For some subtle shimmer and shine, a few well-placed chrome-and silver-tone accents gave our winter retreat a touch of glam.


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Wednesday, 6 December 2017

Embrace Your Entryway

Considering the entryway is your guests’ first glimpse into your home, it’s important to really make it your own. But most importantly, it’s a space you should love to come home to every day. We’re sharing our favorite ways to spruce it up with our furniture and decor.

An area to hang

Keep your appointments, grocery needs, receipts and keys always in check. You’ll never miss a beat (or a soccer game).


A place for everything

Servers don’t have to just be for the dining room. Show off bold pieces to brighten up your entryway. Mirrors are also great for catching one last quick glance before you dash out for the day. No flyaways here, please.


Comfy and Cozy

For the things that tend to pile up by the front door, stash them away in style. Use a basket for shoes or display your favorite flowers in a new and unique way. Who needs a vase? Baskets are wonderful catchalls for clearing the clutter. Or making a statement.

Show us how you dress up your entryway using the hashtag #MyAshleyHome for a chance to be featured.

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You and your partner are a great match in so many ways. If only you were on the same page when it came to your taste in home decor…

Take heart in the fact that you’re not alone. Few couples find instant harmony as they “combine their assets,” so to speak. Not to worry. Consider this an opportunity to collaborate on a common goal: great style that works for both of you.


Embrace Your Differences—to an Extent

We’ve all heard the term, “eclectic style,” the concept that it’s OK to mix and match. While that’s very true, there’s a fine line between cool eclectic and flea market hodgepodge. If your styles are highly different (e.g., he likes European traditional while you love loft chic style), one of you is going to have to give up more than the other to make it work. Think of it as the 80/20 rule.

As long as about 80% of your room decor conveys a particular style, you can accessorize and really play around with that other 20% by incorporating some very different style accent pieces.


Make Easy Adjustments

Say he’s bringing a very expensive dining room set to the table. He loves it, and he paid a lot for it. So it’s staying. But it’s not quite you…too heavy, too traditional, too dark. Here’s an idea: elevate the space with a light and airy wall color…a crisp white or maybe even a sky blue can be instantly uplifting.


The right accessories like accent tables, lighting and wall art can bring the space closer to your style. Looking to modernize the traditional? An inspired choice in upholstery furniture, curtains or floor coverings can weave the “old and new” beautifully. Take, for example, rugs. A bold striped pattern or something "organic" with a flowing feel is still restrained enough to play with traditional furnishings. It’s just got a fresher, more contemporary slant.

 Have a Common Thread

When you’re trying to merge a lot of different elements, consider the three Cs: color, consistency and commonality.

Color and consistency: If you think you have a “lot going on” in a room, an easy rule for tying the look together is to have a consistent thread throughout the space. Say that dining room set of his has upholstered chairs. A particular color in that upholstery might be an inspiration. Sprinkle that color throughout the space using pillows, throws and accent pieces to create your signature design. 


Commonality: If you both have wall art you’re proud to show off, consider a “gallery look” so that they share the same style frames. It looks so much cleaner. A set of lamps that “talk” to each other or different accessories of the same material (e.g., a distressed goldtone metal) are all great “unifiers.”

Bright Idea: Check out our “How to Create a Gallery Wall” and “Going for Gold: Decorating with Metallic Gold Accessories” blogs for even more tips on how to liven up your space.


We’ve devoted an entire blog to the theme of getting a mattress that works for both of you. Check out "How to Choose a Mattress with Your Significant Other" to find out more. And don’t miss our partner blogger Jenna at Visions of Vogue who did an amazing job restyling her living room using exclusively Ashley HomeStore furniture!

These are just a few of the ways you can each express your individual tastes in a highly cohesive fashion. Most importantly, have fun and let your creativity shine!




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See What’s Making the Hot List!

From simple and sleek to fashionably chic, we’re here to let you in on what’s trending and landing in the cart at Ashley HomeStore. We’ve compiled a list of top rated items customers are loving right now and we think you will too. Do you have a favorite? Tell us in the comments below.

Clarinda Accent Chair

Don’t you just adore the virtually armless design of the Clarinda accent chair? It’s the perfect embodiment of classicism with a modern touch. And the medium-scaled footprint works great in any room, including a reading nook. So grab a cup of coffee and a good book because you just found a new guilty pleasure.

Shayla Sofa Chaise

So much style in one petite-scaled chaise? It must be the Shayla. Nothing fits a spatially challenged room or urban loft better than this cozy seating and lounging piece.

Oengus Accent Mirror

Mirror, mirror on the wall who’s the most inspiring and dramatic of them all? That is the Oengus accent mirror. This palladium-shaped mirror is a perfect addition for farmhouse to industrial styled homes. The spacious scale creates an illusion of light, especially where windows are in short supply.

Fairholm 3-Piece Queen Duvet Cover Set

It’s all about the ocean breeze and sand beneath your feet with the Fairholm duvet set. Transform your bedroom into a sweet retreat. We can almost taste the ocean.

Dalinda Pendant Light

Whether you’re eager for a travel inspired getaway or a boho sanctuary, the Dalinda pendant light sets the scene. It’s a natural fit for those who desire soft organic light. The intertwining rope over the metal adds an airy touch over a dining table, kitchen island or even over your nightstand.

Navasota Queen Sofa Sleeper

Functional and fashionable? Yes, that’s what’s so great about the Navasota sofa sleeper. This luxuriously soft seating is certainly dressed to impress and crafted for comfort. While most sofa sleepers have room for one overnight guest, the Navasota houses a queen-size mattress with enough room for two to rest comfortably.

Trinell 63” TV Stand

There’s no doubt the Trinell TV stand is a hot item! Its farmhouse charm is soothing and so is the fireplace insert option. Whether you are locked in the house and avoiding the weather or catching up on your latest Netflix binge, with the Trinell TV stand you’ll always enjoy the view.

Solena Table Lamp

Calling all minimalists. The Solena table lamp’s crisp monochromatic design blends style and substance. Inspired by rattan furniture, the lovely texture and metallic accent are sophisticated enough for any accent table, desk or nightstand.

To check out more of our favorite top rated items, click here.

And don’t forget to share photos of your home with us using the hashtag #myashleyhome.


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Home on the Range: Farmhouse Style


Style trends may come and go, but according to the experts, farmhouse interior design is as fresh as ever. No wonder. We live in a fast and furious world. Home on the range should be a calming, idyllic space where we feel grounded and rooted. Whether you live in a country cottage, suburban neighborhood or city loft, there are so many ways to cultivate farmhouse-inspired interiors.

Art of simplicity: Hearty, blocky furniture profiles, rustic wood finishes, distressed character and planked styling are among the elements that make farmhouse style something to savor.

Farmhouse styled distressed wooden server filled with glasses

Antiqued white is a beloved choice for farmhouse style with countrified charm. This dining room’s two-tone treatment incorporates an added layer of interest. Robust turned legs, simple ladderback chairs, a sweet demilune server and retro clocks really take us back to a simpler time and place.

Farmhouse style dining room table and chairs with rustic chic clocks on the back wall.

Darker finishes can give farmhouse-inspired furniture’s bold and straightforward lines a hearty sensibility and sophistication.

dining room buffet with ample storage in a distressed dark charcoal finish

Top it off with frilly prairie-style bedding for a restful farmhouse-inspired retreat. Soft-hued fabrics in wheat, barley and cream make it that much dreamier.

Farmhouse chic bedding in a neutral room with white nightstands and drapes.

Personalize your farmhouse style with charming accents…

Maybe run with a few “mane” elements.

Make room for a little “livestock,” too.

When it comes to farmhouse style, the more distressed, the better…
Turn back the clock in all kinds of ways.

Delight in rustic refinement.

Or serve it up with tray chic flair.

What about a French country farmhouse look?

With its distressed vintage paint finish, fluted details and French provincial mouldings, this cabinet from the acclaimed Mirimyn series is sure to grace any space in a très chic way.

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Modern Kitchen Country Twist

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